Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cambridge Bay Aerobics

shameless gym selfie

Did you know that Cambridge Bay has an aerobics program that runs every weekday except Friday? It's offered by the Wellness Centre and it's totally free.  It happens right after most people finish work at 5PM and takes place at the spacious community hall, Monday to Thursday.  Talia puts projects different workouts on the overhead screen.

People in town refer to it as the Walking Program, but it's a lot of different aerobics styles. So far we've done Leslie Sansone's Walk program, Shaun T's Hip Hop abs, Zumba, and Richard Simmons' Party Off the Pounds.

You seriously have to see this workout. It's surreal.

I'm really glad this program is offered in town, because in the  Arctic winters it can be pretty hard to motivate oneself to exercise.  It's too cold to run outside, or go hiking and the weight room is so easy to avoid.   But the aerobics program allows people to be active in a social setting, which I definitely find motivating. People in the class are really friendly and low-key and are all at different fitness levels, so you don't feel intimidated by super-buff beach bodies like at some gyms.  It also adds a nice little variation to my own workout, on top of my weekly Cambridge Bay ultimate frisbee fix.

If you're in town, it's definitely worth checking out, no matter what fitness level you are.


Oh Shaun T, you impossible creature you