Sunday, June 29, 2008


so these photos are from a few weeks ago, as it is painfully obvious that i am bad with putting up photos.

one weekend, me and the boys (rob, adrian, mike curley, dylan) packed up our camping gear into our respective cars and drove to Sandbanks for a weekend of camping.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

home again

my last night in europe was spent in paris with soloman. i miraculously made it out of Italy to France fine, despite the train srike going on. that strike really messed a lot of people up. i saw people sleeping on the train floors, and even worse, some stranded travellers sleeping on park benches like homeless people, clutching their luggages in their sleep. i was really fortunate though. pretty much all the trains had been cancelled except mine.

once i got to paris, soloman showed me a great time. he told me that since he didn't have a boyfriend, he was going to have a romantic night with me. he's got this sweet flat that overlooks the paris cityline, including Sacre Coeur and even the Eiffel Tower off in the distance. we went to Le Train Bleu for dinner and had a mind-blowingly delicious traditional French dinner and a bottle of wine that left me full and happy. afterwards, we took a long stroll around La Marais at night while Soloman told me everything about the history of Paris' architecture and the development of the city. he is such an awesome guy.

now i am back home and settling into my new apartment. and GLAD to be home. it was a long month, fun but exhausting. once i get internet installed at home, i'm going to put up some photos. i have some great videos as well.