Tuesday, December 22, 2009


so you know all the news youre hearing about the massive delays and cancellations and utter chaos that is going on at all the European airports because of the huge european snowstorm, leaving travelers stranded at the airport and train station for days? yeah, im caught up in all that. i wasnt supposed to be posting again on this travel blog BECAUSE I WAS SUPPOSED TO GO HOME but here i am, in Frankfurt, for whatever reason, and not in Canada.

its pretty amazing how quickly we get used to our lot in life. right now my lot in life is to wait in lines. for hours. wait in one line for three hours, get told to go to another one. i think they do it to keep us busy. things happen, like me needing to use the bathroom, or wanting to drink some water, but we dont want to lose our spot in line. it could be worse for me, i guess. im scheduled to fly out this afternoon - hopefully that will actually happen. other people dont even have a flight re-booked. other people who had only intended to pass through Frankfurt and dont have a visa to enter germany cant even leave the airport and have to spend the night sleeping in the airport. some travelers have been at the airport on standby for days now. i have my Dutch residency card so they put me up at a hotel, which to be fair, was pretty nice because at least i could watch the news on TV and learn about all the other travelers trapped at the airport like me.

i still dont know where my baggage is, so i only have my purse and my backpack with me at the moment. wish i packed some underwear instead of ten CDs. i immediately called up hotel reception and said, 'you see this sign that says if ive forgotten any of the following items (toothpaste, comb, shower cap, etc.), youll bring it up for free? i want one of everything. No, i dont know what i will do with a cotton pad right now but i will just take it.'

gonna head back to the airport now and hope my luck goes better today. wish me luck. Frankfurt is a nice city and i love the Germans, but i do not want to spend Christmas or my 25th birthday here. and i miss my family and my friends. AND KOREAN FOOD.