Monday, January 25, 2010

tattoo rock parlour

last thursday, the U of T law students threw a huge party at Tattoo Rock Parlour for Haiti relief (what isn't for Haiti relief nowadays? that's how North Americans deal with any crisis, isn't it? by throwing a party and spending a lot of money on booze? why are we in a recession, anyway? i digress). i went mainly because it was Soo's birthday and Michelle had hooked us up with bottle service there. Tattoo Rock Parlour is a club that has a tattoo parlour attached to it. this combination of alcohol + permanent body mutilation strikes me as a very, very, very bad idea, but no one else seems to think so, least of all the people in there getting a tattoo. i tried to convince my friend to get a tattoo of my name on his butt and i'd get his name on my butt, but he wouldn't bite.

anyway it was really fun. they played a great selection of Motown, Stax records, and general 50's, 60's pop music. plus i had all sorts of ghosts from various phases of my life show up in that one place - my korean friends, my law school friends, my high school friends, my volunteer friends. in case you missed it, this is what is was like:

The In Crowd @ Tattoo Rock Parlour [21Jan10] from Al D on Vimeo.