Tuesday, May 4, 2010

mini post before the plane ride

yesterday morning, we explored the Hongik University area, which was full of yummy Korean restaurants, hip clothing stores and clubs to suit the artsy student population. i finally was able to do a little record record store shopping and picked up the latest release of this korean indie band that i like called 검정치마 (the Black Skirts). my favourite single from them has this awesome shoegazer-influenced dream pop feel that isn't typical in Korean pop music.

today's bathroom self portrait comes from the Korean city of Suwon:

no, i didn't sneak into the little boy's room. the stall in this women's washroom outside Suwon's magnificent Hwasung fortress seemed to be a family stall which had a miniature toilet and a miniature urinal right next to the regular toilet. apparently the mayor of Suwon was so disgusted with the state of public washrooms in general that he underwent a major bathroom reform, and now the city of Suwon has the cleanest bathrooms in Korea.

it was hard getting a good picture of the other toilets, but i think you see the general arrangement.