Monday, April 16, 2012

kid koala in space

Canadian deejay Kid Koala put on a series of special performances this weekend at the Aviation and Space Museum in support of his Space Cadet Headphone tour. There is actually nothing about that sentence that I don't like. I like space. I like headphones. I also really like Kid Koala, who stands out from other deejays with his creative and interactive shows that often involve audience participation - last time I saw him in Montreal, we played bingo during the show. Also, he's just such a great guy, really a big fun kid at heart. Kid Koala recently put out a new graphic novel called Space Cadet, which follows a robot after its astronaut leaves on a mission. I like robots. The book is available along with its soundtrack, which features Kid Koala on turntables and a beautiful Wurlitzer organ. I like Wurlitzers (readers should feel free to buy me one).

To get to the Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa, you have to drive past at least one graveyard and along the Aviation Parkway which suddenly spits you out into the parking lot of the museum like a spaceship shooting you out on to a planet.

The Saturday matinee show was a particularly special one, as it was clearly designed to be kid-friendly. It seemed like every young trendy bearded dad sporting a black-framed glasses and a hip Asian wife in Ottawa was there with their biracial babies in adorable tutus. Although I was at the show with Meg, we did not bring our babies to the show (mainly because we don`t have any).

There were some cool exhibits set up outside the museum theatre, including an analog disc recorder where you could record your voice on to a record and scratch the recording on a turntable. There was also a photo station where you could put your face on an astroid. Obviously the kids loved it.

The set up inside the theatre was even more magical. Instead of regular seats, there are mats spread out on the ground with space cushions laid out strategically so the audience could lounge while listening. Each audience member got their own headphones to listen to the music, which was pure genius in a baby-filled crowd. I had some surreal moments where I took my headphones off to stop listening to the music for a moment, and marvelled at the sound of empty space and nothing but babies crying.

Every time the background screen changed colours, kids would call out "blue!" "red!" Smart kids.

As usual, Kid Koala had a lot of audience participation, getting kids to come up on stage to play various percussive instruments, including one adorable boy in a bunny costume. It was definitely one of the most unique special shows I've been to, a lovely way to spend my Saturday afternoon.

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