Friday, October 19, 2012

wedding photos

beautiful photos of our wedding by Mailyne Briggs (

the moms walk down the aisle

the Choi sisters' facial expressions are the best thing about this photo.

serious bride!

our beautiful wedding reception venue at Britannia Beach

beautiful Britannia Beach

wonderful cakes from Penny (

our wonderful MC for the night, Michael Curley 

Elder Oh says grace before dinner

wedding favours

grandpa sings a song for us


Paebek, the Korean wedding ceremony. First we bow for my grandfather

bowing before my grandmother. Sannah is helping me with the bowing.

bowing before Rob's parents

Rob's mom gets ready to throw dates and chestnuts at us as a sign of good luck - the number of dates and chestnuts we catch predicts how many daughters and sons we'll have

Rob seems to really want kids!

According to the Paebek tradition, we are going to have three sons and one daughter. Oh boy.

bowing for my parents

our first dance

father daughter dance

mother son dance