Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our new music video: Beaver Pond Forest

My band Scary Bear Soundtrack just released a new music video this week for our single Beaver Pond Forest!

Beaver Pond Forest is an area within the larger South March Highlands, a beautiful nature area in Ottawa west housing a diverse array of species while also considered a sacred site by Aboriginal community leaders. It's also currently being deforested and developed for housing.

The release of our music video got quite a bit of buzz this week, including by CBC Radio 1's "All in a Day" radio show host Alan Neal, and on the Rogers TV show Daytime Ottawa. The release party was a huge success, with us being able to raise funds to donate towards the South March Highlands and Carp River Conservation Fund. We're also quite pleased with how the music video turned out, filmed by a brilliant South African-Canadian film maker Toni van Eeden.

Check out the music video and share it with your friends! You can buy the song, along with the rest of the album here.

We've also been nominated as Ottawa's hottest band and Ottawa's hottest female musician on the Photogmusic site. We'd definitely appreciate your votes! Vote here!

Some buzz around town: