Thursday, January 22, 2015

Images of Ottawa

This is my last catch-up post about our holidays. I'll just leave you with a few photos we took around town while we were in Ottawa over Christmas.

our rental car. Nice!

"When I ask it to accelerate, it actually accelerates!"

I spent most of my time in Ottawa doing basic bitch things like asking the Wal-Mart staff where I can find the Natural Food Pantry store, or demanding that the liquor store staff find me Skinny Girl vodka, or driving around in the rented Mini Cooper eating a McDonald's filet-o-fish while blasting the Police, or explaining to seventeen year old girls who are sneaking liquor at the party why I find Dyson vacuum cleaners to be exciting.  All of the city goodness.

Because lately Ottawa has exploded in independent local business goodness, I visited the new Top Shelf Preserves store front and had a long conversation with the sales clerk at Purple Urchin Soap company about what a bath cube is. She told me it's like a bath bomb, which makes sense, except I don't know what a bath bomb was. Despite that, I decided to buy one to treat myself, only to remember after leaving the store that I can't take baths in Cambridge Bay, or else we might run out of water and then I can't flush the toilet.

Cranberry sauce with our turkey dinner

We went to numerous Christmas parties where we drank an awful lot of eggnog and played the traditional Christmas game, Settlers of Catan. We also watched the traditional Christmas film, Die Hard.

Santa can't even

We also did a lot of birthdays. At one point, I ate five birthday cakes in forty-eight hours.

Birthday cake: Kristin and Erin 

Birthday cake: Curley

Birthday cake: Sunmok

Birthday cake: Tyler

Birthday cake: my sister

Birthday cake: ME! (that is actually a birthday cronut)

I missed these skies