Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i leave toronto tonight

i was going to do some packing last night, but then i cracked my fingernail open while setting up neha's new bed, so i ended up just lying on the ground whining in pain like a little kid. i considered taking up a temporary codeine addiction, but decided to have a beer instead. unfortunately, this means i'm going to have to do all my euro-prep today.

interesting facts about gloria's luggage:

everything will fit in my backpack.
every shirt i am bringing is black.
i have packed a fake engagement ring.
i am not bringing a razor or tweezer (i am going au euro-naturel)
i am not bringing makeup
i have not packed any underwear yet.
in lieu of all this, i am bringing my ukulele.

all of those above statements (except the last) will assure you that all of my photos abroad will turn out hideous and therefore amusing. because really, would i have it any other way?