Wednesday, April 30, 2008


so i realized that i came to london and forgot to pack a rain coat. i'm a moron. i'm going to re-think my entire wardrobe while i'm here in london. i'm thinking bikini and flipflops. it hasn't stopped raining since i got here...well now it has stopped, but as soon as i step out it'll rain again. i'm writing this from a sketchy internet "cafe" somewhere downtown.

otherwise london is pretty neat. my guidebook tells me that england is a culinary wasteland, but there's no way that the food here can be worse than the stuff they served on the plane ride here.

mental note: depending on an overnight flight to get a night's sleep is not a good idea.

right now, i am exploring the city with luke, who is, when i am sober, my esteemed colleague at law, and when i am not so sober, a dirty pole. in a couple hours we're going to meet up with my girlfriend Farah from dinner, an old friend from Ottawa who has since moved back to London and curiously picked up a much thicker British accent than i remember. i've only been here for a few hours but since i've landed, i've already ridden the train, watched someone get kicked off the train, rode the tube, and visited an Ann Summers Store (to ask for directions).

okay i'm going to try to take advantage of this momentary sun.

hey candi: the biggest lesbian bar here is called the Candy Bar. not that i'm making any suggestions about you but i still want to try to find it and take a photo of it for you.