Thursday, September 11, 2008

why do the french hate me

while i write this, i am in my parents' backyard, facing clear blue skies over the cornfield, and the wonderful smell of home, which, in our case, tends to be manure fertilizer from the farmfield.

well, we were in montreal for about a total of half an hour before we got robbed. twice. both of our vans were broken into and stuff were taken. and then, while we waited for the police to arrive, heather's purse was also taken. welcome to montreal.

on the other hand, we played to one of the biggest crowds at Le Divan Orange. i couldn't believe how packed it was. the venue was nice and close to Schwartz's too, so that helped cheer me up quite a bit. plus some old friends came to the show like andie, tim, joe, phil (from ghettonuns!) and a mini reunion is always nice.

still, driving for fourteen hours all night through three or four provinces has started taking its toll. being in a small enclosed space with the same sleepy folks left me fairly carsick and tired. the rest of the band went back on the road after the show last night but i decided to stop off in ottawa for a few days so i could recuperate with family. and do some badly-needed laundry. also, i've been craving some good korean food like crazy and haven't yet come across any in the east coast.

by saturday hopefully i'll be feeling refuelled again and i'll be joining the band again in oshawa for our gig at the Last Schwaltz, which i've been looking forward to for a while. till then i'm going to sleep in a real bed. and wash my underwear. then i'll be back. i can't guarantee that i'll come back to school ever again though.