Wednesday, March 4, 2009

on the road again

apologies for the long absence. it's been a long couple of months of school and work, and not really doing anything or going anyway except for those two naturally i'm going a little crazy. luckily, things are starting to pick up, and i'm going to be on the move again, so i've come back to updating this blog. i promise to try to be interesting...stay tuned!

coming soon:

march 5 - Oshawa, Ontario, with the band
march 10 - Belleville, Ontario, with the band (is it really sad that i've never actually been to belleville before?)
march 13 - Vancouver. that's right...sensible people go south for their reading week, and i go west. i have a job interview there, so it's not quite a vacation, but i do intend to go look at the ocean or something, maybe even sneak in a day trip to the island?

in May, i will be moving to Vancouver for four months for my summer job, so i have full intentions of working hard...travelling. I've got Seattle, Victoria, Portland, and all the little towns in between in my sights. And exploring vancouver of course. i look forward to taking up yoga and jogging on the beach (yeah right...)

in September, i am moving to AMSTERDAM for four months. yes i am. i'm going to be one of those irresponsible, annoying foreign exchange studnets you always see walking around the city with maps and cheesy smiles. vancouver then amsterdam...if only i smoked weed, it would be heaven.

After eight months away, in January i move back to Toronto to finish up school, and unless things change, I will likely move back to Ottawa for my last summer as an irresponsible student. my parents have been promising me a trip to Korea, and I really hope that happens. I can study for the bar admission exams while on the plane, right?

so stay tuned. for now, i only have to make it till next week...