Wednesday, March 11, 2009

sunbathing on the drive

parts of Vancouver make me feel like i’m in a beautiful dream and should be on my guard to wake up soon, or that by some miracle i gotten into heaven after dying. it just seems too good, too perfectly tailored for me to be real. especially this part of town where grandma lives on Commercial Drive. half of the stores are some fair trade independent coffee shop. every other store seems to sell used books, guitars (this one shop is full of Gold Tone instruments), records, pizza, vegetarian restaurants, or shops with "ACTIVISM" in their names.

despite my grandmother’s complaints about it being so cold she has to sit by the heater, it’s actually it’s sunny and the beginning of patio weather right now. the concept seemed so foreign to an Ontario girl used to March winters, that when i walked past people drinking sangria on the patio and chatting, i did a double take. something about those people seem awfully happy and awesome...oh wow, they’re drinking booze outside!

i think the most heavenly/dreamy quality of everything is the fact that i'm not sitting in a cubicle working. although i have to say i encounter an awful lot of people around here who could easily be my clients.

i haven't been back to vancouver since i was twenty-one. i have spent a few of my summers hanging out here, exploring. just taking the bus into town from the airport flooded me full of amazing BC memories:

...going to a party with meg, hanging out in the back porch, drinking Growers and just chilling out...

...busking on the streets with my grandmother's guitar on a hot summer day...

...attempting to visit every single record store in the city...

...taking a trip on the ferry to Vancouver Island, spending the day sitting on a dock in a quiet town, watching my cousin fish...

this summer is going to be amazing.

NOTE: the rocky mountains blow my mind, even from the airplane. i can't believe i've never set foot in that part of the wilderness. this will have to change.

NOTE: the airport's self-check in machines offer services in English, French, Spanish, and Korean. i love taking over the world.

okay, i better go and prepare for this interview now.