Monday, April 27, 2009

a week-long pit stop in ottawa

i shake the dust from this small town
i turn and follow the western wind down
i go and pack up my shiny things
and go, just go...


i've been digging through my roots during my week-long pit stop in ottawa and some of it perplexes me. i've left my music collection behind in toronto so all i have here are my vinyls (and i'm too lazy to set up my record player) and CDs that i didn't care to bring with me. so that's Everclear and a bunch of compilation CDs with boy bands on them. there was a time when i really liked Everclear. i think in my guiltiest moments i have to admit that i still am really into them. you just had to be there at the time. yes, i know i was ten years old when Sparkle and Fade came out.

also, i found my old poetry and novels i wrote some ten years ago. it's pretty awful stuff.

i'm going to leave toronto for a while in an attempt to clear my head and sort things out. i'll be heading for vancouver in a few days but for now it's nice to be back home. days like today i wish i could stay in ottawa for the summer, because ottawa's the most magical and beautiful in the summertime. today i went for a long walk with gwen along the Ottawa River, watching the strong currents rush past, and then heading back into Hintonburg to eat ice cream in a parking lot. i think i'm starting to heal. it's going to be a long process but i know vancouver will be good for that.

i'll find a new life in old l.a.
stupid happy with everything
i pulled myself down so easily
i know, i know, i know