Monday, April 13, 2009

welcome to shady with the consequences.

spent part of the long weekend at eccles' cottage at Stony Lake. the cottage, Shady Acres, seems like a surreal magical setting straight out of Doctor Snuggles, which is a TV reference i didn't know about until this weekend because i was not born in the seventies (more on this later).

the folks that hang out there tend to be slightly older than me, so Shady Acres is frozen in a time period or a lifetime that i *just* missed. Batman cartoons and Doctor Snuggles, four track recorders, cassette tape players blasting Sonic Youth/Tool/My Bloody Valentine/Pearl Jam.

time stands still at Shady Acres - we used to hide the clocks and watches too, and as a result weird things happen. what i mean is, basically some of us were playing badminton in shorts while others were building snowmen in the yard. i waded in the lake past the ice floes and sunbathed on the dock. April is an odd month.