Wednesday, June 3, 2009

HEAT WAVE....vancouver style.

everyone here is freaking out by the record high temperatures in the city. yesterday, it reached OVER THIRTY DEGREES. i'm totally amused. it's no use trying to explain that i come from a city that ranges from -40 degrees in the winter to plus 40 degrees in the summer. the main big deal is that air conditioning is that a regular accessory in every building here, so the buses get kind of smelly. still, it just makes it all the more awesome to wander down to the beach at 7:30 in the evening and still get a tan. thank god i live in a beach community on the west coast - nobody blinks an eye when i walk around without a shirton.

i have been on a hunt for reworked vintage clothing stores in vancouver. i hit up Main Street last night, and Gastown today. many, many, many awesome designer boutiques. this is ultimately going to be very bad for my wallet. still, nothing as awesome as Preloved yet, although shop owners have been savvy enough to recognize my Preloved outfits. later i will put up some photos to show my latest purchases.