Saturday, June 6, 2009

my name is ottawa

I blame Europe. I fully intended to go to a gypsy party held by the Victoria BC Ska Society. I don't actually drink alcohol these days, but I didn't want to let Germany outdrink me. France was already done after one beer, muttering about how she was much more of a red wine person. But she still beat England, who declared herself exhausted and went to bed around 9 o clock.

The real winner of the night was Canada. Not me, but the other Canada, a girl from Kingston. She dragged us to the harbour, where we sat on the docks, drinking beer and swapping swear words in our native tongue, while watching the sun sink into the water. Canada left us suddenly, lugging six pack of cheap beer under her arm to take a piss behind a tree, and then we didn't see her until we finished our long walk hours later back at the hostel.

The hostel room was hot as an Arizona dessert last night. I didn't bother with the PJs. Hope nobody minded. Welcome to Canada.