Friday, September 18, 2009

dutch indie

went to go see some dutch bands playing at one of the indie showcases held at the Bitterzoet. I'd met this girl at Cafe Sappho on Tuesday who told me that her band The Secret Love Parade was playing, so i decided to check them out:

i'm really glad i went. i missed Roe's set, the founder of the Amsterdam Songwriters' Guild, but i did come in time to see this other act, I Am Oak, which i enjoyed a lot. it kind of sounded like Sandro Perri with a dutch accent.

after the show, the Bitterzoet was turned into a dance club, where we were pleasantly surprised to discover that there is, indeed, a club in Amsterdam that plays old school hiphop. i mean, we all love euro techno, but after a while i feel like i need to be doing a lot more drugs to really dig it...

today me and the canadian boys are going to belgium!