Saturday, September 26, 2009

swedish shenanigans

i'm packing my bags to get ready to move on to Stockholm today but i figure i have a few minutes to post...and to try to piece together the various events in the last few days to figure out how i keep getting this raging headache...i suspect following a swedish guy back to his apartment to sample the local whiskey was probably one of many contributing factors. but i've always been about sampling the local cuisine.

a few comments first:
  • they sell tampons in the H&M here.
  • the Swedish word for "cake", apparently, is kaka.
  • following my love of street meat, i tried a "french hot dog" that the chip stands were selling. i've been to france, and i have never seen this "french hot dog" there before, although strangely enough i do remember seeing something like it in Vienna. Suffice it to say that it vaguely resembles a regular hot dog, only it seems far more impressively obscene. i will try to post pictures later.
  • i don't know if it means something else in Sweden, but the grocery stores here appear to sell potted salvia.
  • McDonalds is always good, in any country, after the bouncers send you out of the club
i had a wonderful time yesterday. i got a good walking tour of the city as well as the university, and then i joined sinead and her dutch and south african girl friends for Taco Night. i can't express how unbelievably welcome this Taco Night was in my life. last weekend i spent the weekend in Belgium with the boys, so most of the time was spent chugging beer, and talking about girls and bowel movements. fun, but after a while you start worrying that you're going to grow an Adam's apple. this weekend was a interesting inverse, hanging out with pretty girls who sip wine, cook delicious taco from scratch (I HAVE BEEN MISSING MEXICAN FOOD HERE) and carry discussions about Yugoslavia and apartheid (interesting to hear about from a dutch girl and a south african girl). then we went to a club called Heartbreak Hotel and lost all pretenses of being proper ladies....although i have to say, no matter how much we let loose, i feel like we just cannot compete with some of the Swedish girls here. i wonder how many of them realized that they forgot to finish dressing last night? like, forgot to wear pants?

one of my favourite moments: we dropped by a party nearby, where a bet was made and a Canadian was shotgunning a beer. this was no difficult task; i feel like we canadians are taught these skills as children and it's probably one of the requirements for immigrants writing a citizenship exam. while he was shotgunning, the three other Canadians in the room started singing O Canada at the top of our lungs. in both official languages. it was a proud moment. i'm having a great time out here, but no one can tell me that i've forgotten my roots.

off to take the train to Stockholm now. Sinead has promised me a crazy time. given the fact that we spent the last two nights hunting for after-parties at the wee hours of the morning, i shudder to think what a "crazy time" is going to be...