Saturday, October 24, 2009

you could feel the blood in yoru veins looking for a warmer palce

i've been living at the library for the last week (welcome to exam hell) so i don't have a lot to report. except, of course, my trip to the hospital a few days ago, after i inexplicably fell and hit my head in a public bathroom. for the record, this is the second time that, when i passed out, i had visions of an infinite white arctic landscape while Maybe Smith sang to me to stop waddling around like a penguin. i'm so artsy that even my brief experiences of the afterlife/unconscious are accompanied by a soundtrack.

there's a certain hour in Amsterdam where all its Dutch hospitals are filled with tourists who've gotten into stupid accidents like me - some kid that's separated his shoulder in a bar fight, some guy that's scraped his face in a bike accident. makes for good company. didn't think i'd be spending my time in Holland exploring their hospitals and library, but then, i didn't sign up to be a tourist right?

took another trip to the grocery store today. there are two words i absolutely do not know in Dutch: Drano and loofah.