Thursday, October 8, 2009

my life in google street view!

so i know i'm totally behind the times, but i've been tinkering around with google maps tonight and think it's totally nifty that i no longer have to bring my camera around when i travel - i can just post google street view screen shots instead. i don't even have to travel. i can just post a google street view of a busy street in Croatia and tell you that i was there. it would certainly save me the money of flying.

i kid. but it is pretty neat to show you my daily life:

this is my neighbourhood, in middle Diemen. the sparring horses are not featured in this photo.

this is where i go to school. this is the nice end of the street. my school is in the red light district, and on the other end of this street are all the sex clubs and the hookers dancing in windows (makes for an interesting study break).

Cafe Sappho, where i try out my lyrical chops once a week and hang out with dutch men in a lesbian bar.

the containers, where we party on wednesday nights. this is where dutch boys go to try to pick up international girls. unfortunately for me, the pickup lines i get are along the lines of, "hey, are you chinese? i like chinese people!"