Wednesday, April 28, 2010

tomorrow, korea. today, another bathroom self portrait.

Just ate an Asian-style croquette at Toronto's best Japanese restaurant. This makes me simultaneously nostalgic about my past (Netherlands, kroket country) and excited about my future (Asia! Tomorrow!).

until then, i'm back with BATHROOM SELF PORTRAITS. since i am feeling a bit nostalgic about the Netherlands, here are some Dutch bathroom shots:

my apartment, Diemen, the Netherlands.

this isn't a particularly unique bathroom (except for the bizarre shower) but i figured i have to include one picture of the bathroom in my apartment in Holland. it was a pretty awful apartment; there were cockroaches, i had no heater, and i was paying far too much money for what i was getting, even if there was a housing shortage in Amsterdam. still, i woke up every morning to a view of the Dutch countryside, and four little black horses grazing in the farm field nearby.

the Dutch are a tall people; my feet don't reach the ground.

if you could see my face, you'd be able to see the look of utter confusion, pondering the existence of this female urinal in the women's washroom at my school.

Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam

residence on weesperstraat, Amsterdam.

no offense to my friends that live here, but parts of this building really look like a dump. i was intrigued by this bathroom, which had two tiny strategically placed mirrors that allowed you to see: 1. that creepy dude on that poster 2. your modesty, while you pee.