Sunday, April 25, 2010

moving again

apologies to everyone that it's been such a long time since i updated. my main reason is that i haven't been traveling at all, save for the distance between the library and my home. but now that school is over, gloria is on the move again! this thursday, i will be heading for Korea (south, not north...don't think they'd let me out again if i got in) and you can be assured that there will be many more blog updates then.

in the meantime, i've decided to use this blog as a venue for a photography series that i've been working on, called Bathroom Self-Portraits. because i love traveling, and i love bathrooms, and i especially love searching the world for interesting bathrooms. two rules:

1. it's in a bathroom

2. it's a self-portrait

here's the first one:

Isabella's Chocolate Cafe, Oshawa. April 16, 2010

i play banjo for a band called gatesgatesgates and we were invited to play a special show at this Oshawa venue. The owners, who were a big part in supporting the arts community in Oshawa, were packing up and leaving for the East Coast, so a special thank you concert was held for them.