Sunday, February 21, 2010

like a newfie spa

as we went wandering around the woods behind his cabin, ryan commented on how this was the kind of day you could ride your snowmobile as deep as you could until you reached some random point in the middle of nowhere, dismount, build a fire, boil yourself some tea, and sit there until you have to go back home again. we didn't quite have the time to do that, but we did climb to the highest point in his property and build a lovely snowman with two heads and three arms (as Zaphod Beeblebrox), which i am pretty sure was just as soul-enriching a la Henry David Thoreau.

everything's been feeling like a pleasant dream lately. for a while, i had been reading about the Temple Stay program that they have in Korea where you live the life of a buddhist monk for a short period. i liked the idea of spending my days being quiet and healthy. my stay in Newfoundland, hanging around Ryan's old stomping grounds in Shoal Harbour, has been about as reinvigorating and relaxing, and at times it feels like a spa experience too. we've been eating vegan for the most part, lots of green tea and ryan's homemade vegetable soup. when we want to entertain ourselves, instead of drinking alcohol or watching TV, ryan and i made a movie with my camera (coming soon...). i push my strength and fitness shoveling the snow that we've gotten in the last few days. i get healthy colour in my cheeks by having the wind whip in my face as we ride the snowmobile around Thorburn Lake. i explore my creativity by building all sorts of snow sculptures, including my Zaphod Beeblebrox and a few more abstract things. you don't need a buddhist temple or a yoga class to find yourself - sometimes all you have to do is lose yourself in the woods. i've also been sleeping a lot.

we took the evening bus into St. John's last night, so i suspect my newfoundland experience is going to be altered dramatically (if last night was any indication, where i was screeched in on the busy George Street). we'll see how today goes...