Wednesday, February 17, 2010

island vacation

as i vaguely indicated in my last post, my band went down to Montreal for our last stop on our tour. i spent less than 12 hours in Montreal but loved it, as usual. every time i visit the city, i'm reminded of how much i need to live there at some point in my life. Montreal seems to have everything i want: good reasonably priced food, French things, cheap rent, amazing shopping, a thriving music culture...but also, the unbearable cold. i grew up in frosty Ottawa and i still don't think i can stomach the Montreal winters. oh well. as soon as i stop being a baby about the cold, i'll move there.

now it's Spring Break for me, and i'm spending it going on my own Island Vacation...the island in this case being Newfoundland. i fly in to St. John's tonight, and take the bus tomorrow morning to get to Shoal Harbour to visit the infamous Ryan Patey in his own hometown. our shenanigans were supposed to start yesterday, but then i got knocked over with a horrible bout of food poisoning (i'm write this while lying in bed). so. today is attempt #2 at gloria's immersion into newfie culture.

why newfoundland? many people have asked me this and i've given different answers every time:

-i don't feel like i am a true Canuck until i get screeched in

-it's so cliche to escape winter by going to Barbados or something. everyone knows that the trendy thing to do nowadays is embrace winter.

-ryan patey is there! therefore i must go there!

-after all my travels in europe, i'd like to explore the Canadian wilderness.

-it was too expensive to fly to france, so i intend to take a boat from the newfie coast to the French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon.

-i'm so tired of all this Olympics enthusiasm that i want to run to the exact opposite coast

-in keeping with the previous reasoning, my best friend Meg is in vancouver helping to cover the Olympics for CTV. when i go to the other end in Newfoundland, we are going to be making a big CANADA SANDWICH, with Canada as the middle spoon, if you will!

this is all assuming, of course, that i get the energy to get out of bed.