Wednesday, February 17, 2010

found my way to the Rock

as my plane flew into the St. John's and i tried hard not to let my nausea overcome me (mainly because my puking muscles were all tired out and i was inexplicably surrounded by BABIES...on all sides), a thought suddenly occurred to me. when the next zombie outbreak comes, an island like Newfoundland would be a pretty safe fortress from the zombies. i mean, World War Z predicted that BC would be pretty insulated because of the Rocky Mountains, but what would be better protection than have the sea around you at all sides?

Ryan pointed out that the zombies could probably just travel through the water though, as countless zombie movies have demonstrated. it's always good to have a clear-headed friend like that, you know. luckily, we'll still be well protected should the zombie outbreak come out during the night, as i am currently sleeping in a room with a veritable collection of bows and arrows (Devon's, not Ryan's, if that makes any difference). it's always good to have zombie safety-minded friends like that.

the fog in St. John's tonight is as thick as my post food poisoning haze. we literally watched cars circlin' around the airport parking lot trying to find the exit, until we snuck out the entrance where the gate was frozen at half-point. devon drove us up the majestic Signal Hill, which at least i reckon would be majestic, were it not in the dead of the night in the dead of the fog. the drive up the hill was eerie, like driving up into nothingness, and once up top, we passed right by the other parked cars with couples making out inside (they must have been cold) and walked right up to the edge of the cliffs. i got to feel the sea wind biting at on my face and imagine how majestic the view would be if i could see through the least until we went home and found google images of Signal Hill. i'll see the real thing in time, i know.

i can't wait to see the Battery later on this week. i had this dream earlier this year that i got lost on an off-ramp from Highway 7 in the middle of a storm and ended up in this magical looking neighbourhood of houses on a steep cliff. i suspect this is what the Battery might look like. if it turns out that i saw this place in my dreams before i actually ever went there, well, that means i've got a special connection with places by the sea.