Wednesday, November 23, 2011

long day

whew. let me tell you about my day yesterday.

7:30-8:AM - walked to work.

8AM-1PM - had to quickly learn South African law.

1PM-1:30PM - tried once again to understand from my visa agent why things are moving so slow when i am trying to offer free labour

1:30-2PM - decided my lack of clothing is becoming a problem; went to the PEP (like our Giant Tiger) and bought some clothes from the children's section...because that's what fits me.

2:00-5PM - worked on the domestic violence report

5:00-6PM - music rehearsal at the College of the Arts with Michael for an upcoming gig

6:00-6:30PM - waited for Victor to pick me up. sat on the steps of the college and played the guitar while people walking by gave me strange looks.

6:00-9PM - recorded more guitar tracks at the label's studio. quickly learned how to play R&B style guitar. I still don't speak Portuguese, and LG still doesn't speak English. everyone's feeling a bit stressed because there's a rush to start mixing next week. Ran into the girls from Gal Level again, discussed boys.

9:00-9:30PM - Victor drove me home. He tells me that he's originally from Kenya. I asked LG why doesn't he learn to speak English so he can talk to other people.

9:30-10:00PM - arranged an interview for an article that OpenFile Ottawa is getting me to write

10:00-10:30PM - job interview over the phone

10:30-10:45PM - ate a yoghurt for dinner

10:45 - 11PM - Skyped with my sister and dad

11:30 - 6:30AM - slept. managed to pull a leg muscle while dreaming.

Today is much of the same, except replace recording at the studio with teaching Christmas carols to the kids in Katutura. busy busy busy...