Monday, November 28, 2011

picnic on the Katutura side at Goreangab Dam

you should play the second track "Water" off Teen Daze's "Beach Dreams" album.

On Sunday, I woke up to the unmistakable roar of A's cherrybomb exhaust pipe that the previous owner had inexplicably installed on his car, despite it not being a sports car at all. A. was outside the house, wanting to go meet up with Namibian friends at Goreangab dam. I had literally just rolled out of bed in my old T-shirt, and was still exhausted from clubbing till 4AM the night before, but I never turn down a chance to visit water and have a picnic, so I got dressed in record time and got in the car.

the park at Goreangab is pretty different from Avis, mainly because it's located by Katutura rather than Klein Windhoek. So instead of seeing rich old German couples walking their dogs and young Afrikaners going for jogs, Goreangab has loads of folks from Katutura, friends and families, braaiing up food in the picnic steel structures casting shade over the dirt floor, blasting African house music from their cars which they've pulled up close to the picnic tables, small children constantly begging for money and bottles, and self-employed entrepreneurs in suits going from table to table selling photoggraphs and biltong (mmm biltong). It's a good place to party on a Sunday afternoon in the summer.

At the picnic was the whole crowd of kids that work at the Ministry of Health, including L, P, T, and Tutu. they handed me a Windhoek lager and some spicy stew that Tutu had made. I have no idea what was in it or what kind of meat it was but it was delicious - I adore that woman. It was certainly a big contrast from the picnic we had at Avis Dam last weekend. It may not have been a beach on which to have beach dreams, but it was a great time, the kind of fun time that a music video might show friends having. Honestly, if i could just fill up my second summer of the year with Sunday picnics with great friends, I'll be happy.

pretend this is a music video of all the fun that friends have

the picnic area

the water

L and I trying to be twins

eating biltong

A. being A.