Tuesday, December 6, 2011

bikini models...and babies

My organization held its office Christmas party on Saturday. It was at Ramblers Sports Club in the Pionierspark neighbourhood, which during apartheid had been developed as a white neighbourhood with all its black residents removed to Katutura. Now it seems like a friendly mixed-race middle-class neighbourhood, which is good, because otherwise an apartheid setting it would have made for a depressing atmosphere for an office party.

Most of my experience with work Christmas parties in Canada involve me trying not to freeze my butt off on the sleigh rides in the snow. This was less of a concern here: The summer sun was shining down bright and hot as the staff’s screaming children ran around the playground outside, while one of the city’s football teams practiced in a nearby field. There was a small Christmas tree set up inside (artificial pine tree, of course), but most of my coworkers sat outside to enjoy the lovely weather. It was only four in the afternoon, but they were already blasting African house and people were dancing. Unlike me and most Canadians, Namibians are not afraid to dance in broad daylight where they actually will be seen.

We had been told that there'd be an animal roasting on a stick which I was really hoping to see so I could take photos and gross out my vegan friends, but unfortunately it was in the back. It certainly tasted delicious though!

My coworkers all seem to have adorable kids, so work parties tend to be a punch in the ovaries for me every time.

this is emmerentia with my coworker Grace's daughter Abigail who is pretty cute

for some reason i have a lot of photos of Abigail holding beer bottles.


er, yes.

girlfriend knew how to work a phone before she could walk

okay i might have a hangup about babies right now

I ducked out of the office party early to help Mark work the doors at a fashion show at the Playhouse Theatre, where the woman he lives with, Rosina Leonard, was debuting her clothing line. Rosina is a geologist by day, fashion designer by night. She is incredibly cool.

I have to explain something. I used to crochet a lot, especially during undergrad. A lot. And not just conventional things like scarves and tea cosies. If you were a good friend of mine in university, chances are I'll have made you a wool thong at some point, even if you're a guy.

(for folks who don't know, crochet is a type of knitting, but better because you only use one needle and you can't stab anybody with it)

Anyway, Rosina took crocheting to the next level.

yes, everything here has been crocheted.

See why I think she's awesome?

The dress code that night was "high fashion glamour", so there were classy guys in sharp suits and gorgeous girls sporting four inch heels all over the place. It kind of made me wish I wasn't wearing a summer dress that I bought from the kids' section of the PEP store (Namibian equivalent of Giant Tiger) (size 13 - girls). There were a lot of photographers and models posing for them while I awkwardly tried to stay out of the lens' view so nobody could see my worn out ballet flats.

yeah right, like i could ever resist the stage

It was a pretty interesting night and it was neat to rub elbows with folks from the artsy Namibian high fashion scene. It's too bad I've already bought my wedding dress; otherwise I could have been walking down the aisle next year in a beautiful crocheted wool white dress. Wouldn't that have been sweet?