Thursday, December 15, 2011

hitting the road through southern Africa

today is my last day at work before the holidays. This afternoon I'm going to be getting on a bus and riding for 20 hours to Livingstone Zambia. Over the holidays, I'm going to be traveling through:

-Livingstone, Zambia
-Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
-Chobe National Park, Botwsana
-Johannesburg, South Africa
-Soweto (Johannesburg)

so for the next few weeks, my updating will be a bit sporadic, since I'll have less regular access to the Internet. I imagine all you folks will be busy with your own holiday plans anyway. still a work in progress. it's very difficult to pack for a trip when all of the clothes you own are still wet from the laundry machine. Also, I've decided for the first time this year to give up trying to cram everything into a single backpack and to take a spacious suitcase instead. It makes me feel slightly old and uncool. I feel like cool young people go backpacking. Uncool old people vacation with big suitcases. On the other hand, cool slightly-older-but-still-young people PARTY FOR A WEEK IN A PENTHOUSE IN CAPE TOWN.

this is what i did last night instead of packing for my trip:

김밥! Or at least my own version of 김밥.

I'll see you all on the other side of the border. Happy holidays everyone, and totsiens!