Friday, January 13, 2012

we now return to our regular programming

after this.

So much better than bungee jumping into the Zambezi river with a faulty bungee cord.

In case you're joining in just now, here's an overview of my awesome Christmas vacation:

hitting the road
arriving in Zambia
Victoria Falls, Zambia: getting robbed by a baboon, swimming at the edge of the waterfalls
Chobe National Park, Botswana
ironic high tea in Zimbabwe
living the life of the rich and famous in Sandton, Johannesburg
living a different kind of life in the township of Soweto, Johannesburg
Christmas Eve in Soweto
Christmas and church in Soweto
my birthday in Soweto
...partying some more on my birthday, in Soweto
road trip around the Cape Peninsula where I get bitten by a penguin
Table Moutain, Cape Town and sushi
Robben Island, Cape Town and beaches, and kimchi
New Years Eve in Cape Town featuring a wild wine tour
New Years Day in Cape Town and gay burger joints
Lion's Head Mountain, Cape Town

I also highly recommend reading the blog entries of my colleagues that I traveled with, particularly Joseph's (and this)and Eleonora's