Thursday, March 7, 2013


I've been collecting a number of observations that I've hashtagged #ArcticWorldProblems, a play on the popular trending hashtag #FirstWorldProblems

Some mysterious animal pooped on our porch and now it's so frozen solid to the ground, I can't scrape it off till spring thaw. #ArcticWorldProblems 

Blush? Who needs to buy blush from Sephora, when you've got good old Arctic windburn. #ArcticWorldProblems

Mascara? Who needs to buy mascara from Sephora, when you've got good old Arctic mascara from walking to work? #ArcticWorldProblems

Can anyone help me figure out how to make snowpants look hiptser cool? #ArcticWorldProblem

Random piece of animal fur on the ground. Okay then, Cambridge Bay. #ArcticWorldProblems

Is that dog or a wolf running at me? #ArcticWorldProblems 

cabins along the coastline faintly visible in the fog

the snowy road to the airport - you can see a sundog in the sky

Distant Early Warning station, off in the distance

snow, snow everywhere