Wednesday, March 27, 2013

performing in Nunavut on the internet

Thanks to everyone who checked out my debut show in Nunavut / on the internet! There were some technical issues at some points (like the part where I excitedly ran through the house to show you my place, not realizing the microphone was unplugged), but thanks for being patient, especially with the slow internet we get up here.

If you missed the performance, you can see it here:

We also released our new single, Victoria Island:

This song was a collaborative project involving musicians from various cities around the world (including Melissa Laveaux in Paris, Ro Halfhide in Amsterdam, and HIGHS in Toronto). Did you know that there's a Victoria Island in Nunavut (where Cambridge Bay is located) as well as in Ottawa? The song is available as a free download on our bandcamp site.

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