Wednesday, July 24, 2013

walking to water lake

dirt path to Water Lake. 
There is actually a perfectly accessible road next to it, but I think this road looks more hiker-appropriate

Finally, a sunny day. After almost a full week of rain, I was ready to go outside. Aren't we supposed to be living in a rock desert climate? What was up with all this rain?

This is how I like it: dry and sunny.

The week's worth of rain had, in fact, transformed the land into a beautiful green landscape full of wildlife. We decided to go for a late Sunday afternoon hike out of town down to Water Lake to see the greenery.

kids enjoying the nice weather

I can't tell what this is. I thought they were dandelions but when I looked closer, they seemed different from the dandelions down south

Hello, Mr. Bird

Flowers growing out of rocks

I've previously blogged about the road to Water Lake. It's quite a picturesque stroll, once you get past all the construction.


have you seen this before? a heavy duty sled

There were also like, five million inukshuks, along the way.


Inukshuk with Mount Pelly in the background  



Portrait of a Pensive Young Man


(What exactly is an inukshuk, you ask?)

I like this hiking route though, because of all the random odd things that I see. We saw a snowmobile floating in the middle of a pond once. This time, there were other interesting sights.

like random fur lying in the middle of the field #LifeInNunavut

and...alien sensors in the middle of the tundra....?   


a lonely sled, waiting for winter to return

In other news, we have begun to experience "night" again. The sun set at 12:30AM last night. It rose again at 1:20AM. Forty minutes of night.