Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas festivities in the Arctic

I find the days leading up to Christmas to actually be a stressful time of year. Besides the feeling that you need to pinch pennies to afford presents, there's also the weather. There's less sunlight (or none at all, if you live here), and often bad weather will cancel our plans and flights.  In addition, there's the pressure you feel to finish up all your work before the holidays begin.

I think that the days leading up to Christmas is a season where we try to keep each other cheered up, remind each other that we're all in the same boat, and that we've got each other's back.  We may not feel naturally joyful for Christmas, but it's about finding joy wherever we can.

Some photos from the children's Christmas concert presented by the elementary school students:

These square-dancing kindergarteners were so cute, it brought actual tears to my eyes.

Everyone is dressed so sharply!

Drum dancing and singing in Innuinaqtun

Hey there, dancing Santa!

Our friends also had an Ugly Sweater Party. How's our Christmas sweaters?

I'm wearing two sweaters here!

Then of course there's gingerbread house decorating with the kids. So much candy.  So, so, so much candy.

I was there to "help out" - and by helping out, I mean decorate my own gingerbread house.  Here's what mine looked like. As you can see, I spent a lot more time on the landscaping than the actual house itself.

And then, suddenly, SANTA ARRIVED!

We've seen Santa around town before.  We live awfully close to the North Pole, you know? He claims his name is "Gary" but I know the truth behind that white beard and that jolly smile.

Santa, me, and another Christmas sweater

Happy Holidays, everyone!