Friday, May 2, 2014

Fundraiser Friday: women fighting for social justice

When was the last time I did a Charity Friday? Which in retrospect I don't know why I didn't name Fundraiser Friday.  Okay. From now on, it's Fundraiser Friday.  Unless it's French Fridays.  Maybe once in a while, French Fundraiser Friday. Mais ca va etre plus difficile.

As you may know, I am really passionate about poverty issues, especially food security.  For the past five days, my friend Brittany has been living on $1.75 per day on drinks and food. Why? That's the challenge that people living below the poverty line face every day.  Brittany is not only raising money for anti-poverty initiatives through Live Below The Line, she's helping us become more aware of poverty issues. It's a really interesting project. I would be curious to try a Nunavut version (unfortunately, I'm not sure you could even buy a single grocery item for $1.75 at the grocery store here). You can donate to her cause here.

In another equally important issue, my friend Janet will be spinning for two hours at the third annual Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre's Spin-a-thon on May 3, in support of the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre. The Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre does a lot of important work in supporting survivors in Ottawa, by providing a crisis line, public education programs, and counselling. You can donate to support her here.

Finally, my band has decided that all proceeds from digital purchases of our song "Victoria Island" will go towards local community initiatives here in Cambridge Bay, including our local food bank, Diamonds in the Ruff (a local dog rescue and welfare group), and other projects to benefit low-income families in need of assistance. You can listen and download the song Victoria Island on Bandcamp here:

We talk a little more about the situation of dogs in Cambridge Bay in today's Searchlight vlog. Also, rabies.

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