Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mysteries of Cambridge Bay

Sometimes I see things around town and I am filled with so many questions...but no way of finding out how to get the answers.  Here are some of my questions about the mysteries of Cambridge Bay.

1. Whose stroller is this? 

You should note that this photo was taken around midnight. Why would someone just suddenly abandon a stroller in the middle of their walk? Were they pushing the stroller through the snow, but they suddenly decided that it would be easier to carry the baby in their amauti?  Were they going out for a walk, only to suddenly realize they forgot the actual baby, so they left the stroller in the middle of the road and ran back home in a hurry?

There is added mystery here because people generally don't use strollers here.  The unpaved roads make it impractical.  Better to pull your children along behind you on a sled, or stick them in the hood of your jacket.

2. What body part is this?

Also, what animal is this?  

Spring thaw, and the uncovering of all the decaying buried animal carcasses will provide for an interesting smell soon.

3. Is a sundial useful in the Arctic?

monument to Fred Ross and sundial

Science was always my worst subject in class, but I wish I paid better attention so I could ask. How does an Arctic sundial work? In the winter, when there is no sun? In the summer, when there is always sun? Does it work the same way, when the sun is constantly spinning in circles over your head, never going near the horizon? And how about those many, many days when it's cloudy?

4. Did that fox have rabies?


Did someone just shoot an Arctic fox in the middle of town right by my office window with all those people around? Yes. I hope it was because the fox had rabies.

5. Behold the litter of Cambridge Bay: a partially eaten leg and an empty bottle of vodka.

Here is my question: why wasn't I invited to the party?

6. What's in this box?


7. I can't think of a good question but I just like this


8. Make up your own question!