Monday, June 2, 2014

Arctic spring thaw

a retired snowmobile

Spring has sprung in the North! It doesn't necessarily mean that it's warm. But it does mean that the birds are out singing, and the sun is shining...all the time. All night long. And the snow is starting to melt!  The Arctic ocean is still frozen, but all of the snow banks have begun to melt, which is causing all sorts of havoc to our roads.

Cambridge Bay, the Venice of the North?

Basically, our roads have sort of turned into canals, and some of us have to swim to work.

suck, suck, suck, little truck

The municipal workers have been working around the clock to drain these new lakes that have appeared in the middle of the road, but it's hard to catch up.  And even once the roads are drained, there are all sorts of potholes in the unpaved roads causing all sorts of mischief to our trucks.

The melting of the snow has revealed all sorts of interesting garbage on the roads and yards that have been hidden all winter.

fish bones, everywhere you look

And then there's the mud. Now that we are full swing into spring (aka mud season), the mud streaks all over your clothes are as much of an inevitability of life as death and taxes.  We have learned to just accept it, and maybe hope that one day mud-streaked jeans will be all the rage in fashion, because are we ever rockin' that.

melt, baby, melt

melting ice sculpture