Monday, June 23, 2014

the first river hike of the summer

My friend Christine wanted to get a Slush Puppy at the Co-op grocery store, but the machine had run out.  This was a major disappointment. She had never had one in her whole life before (I know, right? How does that happen?) so she had been looking forward to having a North American experience...and really, a very Northern experience too, since the kids here like to suck on that stuff even in the middle of winter. But alas, today was not going to be the day. Instead, we loaded up on Lunchables as our hiking snacks and headed out into the tundra.

We parked the truck at the bridge we call Second Bridge (to distinguish it from First Bridge) and walked along the river on Ovoyok Road towards Mount Pelly.  Parts of the river was still frozen, but other parts were thawing and you could see the river beginning to flow. It was a lovely sight.

Other parts of the river were not so frozen

washing the dog in the river. The dog didn't appreciate that

It was just so nice to get out on the land.

When we returned at First Bridge, we saw a man holding an empty jug, looking like he was going to either go for a pee or take some water from the river. Hopefully not both. If both, hopefully one before the other.

Celebrating with my favourite healthy hiking snacks

neighbours drying char on the lawn