Thursday, July 17, 2014

kayaking season in full swing

I've been out kayaking a lot lately, battling my way around the ice floes which often block my passage, chasing birds, getting chased by mosquitoes, and getting a suntan everywhere that is not covered by my wetsuit (my face). It's my favourite part of the day, hitting the water with my paddle and watching my kayak glide along the water's smooth surface, like sliding over glass.

Kayaking in the Arctic Ocean is one of my favourite things about living in Cambridge Bay.

A lot of times, we'll dock our kayaks on some quiet shale beach and go for a swim to cool down...until the mosquitoes annoy us enough to go back into the kayaks.

my first swim of the year (I was cold)


And then we'll climb on to an ice floe or two. Because it's July and we can.

Sometimes we'll even do a photoshoot on the ice floe. Because, again, we can.

walking on water

And then, of course, there are the birds.  We've developed a new hobby of trying to sneak up on the birds.  It's kind of a hard thing to do quietly in a kayak.

not a bird: oil drum