Wednesday, July 2, 2014

walking to Water Lake

It was a beautiful day, one of those days where everyone was going outside in just a T-shirt, except for the occasional absent-minded kid now standing in the streets amongst their peers wearing a toque and coat and mittens, looking a little confused and rather hot.

 We convinced our husbands/boyfriends to pull themselves away from watching the World Cup on the TV so we could go for a walk out on the tundra.

 discussing World Cup

We were accompanied by Seela the husky dog, who protected us from any dangers that might have presented themselves to us out in the Arctic tundra, including other dogs.

taking the dogs for a walk

There were still a lot of snow on the land, but there was enough melted that you could see the many lakes formingAnd the ducks swimming in them.

Despite the snow, it was a lovely day and kids were playing out at the lake.

walking on water...

Eventually we came upon a mysterious shack that we had never seen before.

It was perched on top of a concrete base that looked like it could have easily several storeys downwards.  I mean, I suppose that would take a lot of work, given that the ground is all permafrost.  But it got me thinking: if you wanted to build a giant secret bunker that housed an entire complex for, let's say, zombie apocalypse survival, this would be a perfect way to hide the entrance...through an ordinary looking shed.

Attempts to investigate, however, let to losing boots in the quicksand-like consistency of the mud around the shack. Which, you know, is pretty good way to protect an apocalyptic fortress: a mud moat.  Next time we will return with better supplies to investigate the mysterious shack.

love the way you can see the tip of the DEW line just poking above the horizon