Thursday, October 2, 2014

life in photos

Hey! I'm still here. I have been busy writing other things (like this article on Iqaluit Pride!) and also, randomly enough, a couple of remixes. Mainly, though, I've been enjoying life in Cambridge Bay.

There was a fire at the dump this week. Nothing to the level of Dumpcano, and it was probably intentional. Still, it filled the air with smoke, garbage smoke, and you could smell it all over town. Luckily, the next day it was gone.

There's a polar bear hanging around just outside of town this week. He just seems to be hanging out around the cabins. I don't have any photos of him because I am too scared to go out looking for him.  But other people have seen him. Somebody in town asked, if the bear attacks, can I shoot the bear? YOLO, someone replied. Stand your ground.

It's interesting. I was reading a fascinating journal article discussing the polar bear as a metaphor for the traditional gender ambiguity that was prevalent in historical Inuit culture.  And then this polar bear appeared. So, maybe it means something.

Today, I managed to catch the sunrise and the sunset.

sunrise, over a frozen arctic ocean

sunset, over a developing tundra

However, this photo wins as the most Nunavut photo. All-terrain vehicle. Truck. Husky dog. Beautiful sunrise over a frozen ocean.