Monday, September 29, 2014

barbecuing in the snow

On Saturday morning, it was -15 degrees with the windchill and the ground was covered in the snow, and ice patches were forming over the Arctic ocean. You know, perfect weather for a community barbecue.

I was dressed warmly in my coat, but I was still a little cold. I refused to bust out my Canada Goose parka until at least October. On principle. It's not to say that I wouldn't have appreciated it though. 

Christine was doing a lot of the barbecuing. She had to keep her wool gloves on because of the cold, which means that her gloves will smell like burgers forever.  Which is kind of awesome.

The event was being held for Ariel Tweto, one of the stars from the Discovery Channel TV show Flying Wild Alaska, who was on her "Popping Bubbles" tour across the Kitikmeot Region. She seemed like a really vibrant positive person, a great role model for northerners, and people were really excited to meet her. 


 People lining up to meet Ariel Tweto

In other news, if you've been looking for new tunes to listen to, my band has a bunch of new releases and announcements. Check them out here!