Tuesday, September 9, 2014


One last post about my family's cross-country summer road trip

Rivière-du-Loup was the last stop on our trip. By that point, we had driven through half of all of Canada's provinces in just over a week, seen many sights, drank many drinks, eaten many eats, and beached a bunch of beaches. The auberge we stay at is owned by a sweet couple. The husband is an artist and hangs his art around the house, featuring scenes from lovely spots around Quebec, including one area that we recognized as Gatineau. I like this bed-and-breakfast. It has a lot of lovely places to sit and watch the scenery.

I was surprised at what a lively place Rivière-du-Loup was.  For a town with less than 20,000 people, it had several local micro-breweries, which, honestly, is one of my favourite things about Quebec.  One day I would like to take a beer tour across Quebec.

However, some of the folks here spoke an strange dialect of French. One young man leaned out of his car as he passed my family and yelled out CHING CHONG WONG CHONG.  I'm not familiar with that French phrase.

(Just kidding I know that's not French)
(It's Portuguese, right?)
The waterfalls. IN TOWN. There are waterfalls in town.

Such a lovely town

(By the way,  have you listened to my brand new album yet?)