Tuesday, September 23, 2014

so this is autumn, eh

 Yesterday was supposed to be the fall equinox. This was what I woke up to:

Autumn, eh?

It's snowed a few times before this year...actually, it snowed every day this year. But it seems like the snow is here to stay this time. Still makes for a pretty scene though.

In the evening, we were treated with a little snowstorm.


Oh yes, in other exciting Cambridge Bay news, TANYA TAGAQ WON THE POLARIS PRIZE LAST NIGHT. She is the first Nunavut musician to win this music prize.  Too bad the internet in Nunavut was too slow for anyone in her home territory to live stream the event. Still I was so excited when I heard she won that I ran out into the blowing snow to dance.  And post a little celebratory #sealfie.

I wrote about Tagaq's most recent performance in Cambridge Bay last summer.

On a final note about "autumn": for the fall equinox, my friends in the Austria-based band Astronomy for Lovers and I worked on a mashup remix of our songs. Their Cat's Song + our Longest Night = Cat's Night. Enjoy!