Thursday, September 18, 2014

Watching the Arctic ocean freeze

Well, I guess it's that time of the year again. It's about -4°C these days, and every morning we wake up to snow on the ground that melts away during the day.  Today when I woke up, the ocean was frozen. It melted a bit during the day, which was a relief, but all of the barge ships still bringing in the rest of our yearly supplies better hurry up.

At least the fuelling ship already arrived to re-supply. Last year, it was really late to arrive and we were facing the possible nightmare scenario of having no fuel for the entire winter until the ocean broke up again ten months later. That would have been hard.


I went for a run today, which did not last very long because it was so cold it felt like the wind was blowing around inside my head - which it kind of was, because it was blowing into my ears. And my lungs, which kind of made it weird to breathe.

But I was struck by the beautiful shoreline where the waves were breaking up the chunks of ice, creating a sloshy tide of snow and ice.  Essentially, the Arctic ocean is like one big Slush Puppy this time of year. Yum.

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