Monday, September 15, 2014

World Suicide Prevention Day

Last week was Embrace Life Week in Nunavut, which coincided with World Suicide Prevention Day.

As I've mentioned before, suicide is a major issue in Nunavut, with suicide rates at a disproportionately high rate in this territory, particularly among Inuit people.  Last year, there were more suicides in Nunavut than there have ever been, causing the coroner of Nunavut to call for a public inquest.

It was really heart-warming to see the whole community come together to show their support about this important issue.  The day's activities included an assembly in the high school and a march through town.

I love this little girl's sign, which quoted Lady Gaga

After last year's Embrace Life walk, I wrote a song called On the Land in direct response to the suicide issues. It's about supporting your friends when they are feeling down. I also wrote it to cheer myself up when I'm having a tough time, and so I also made a little music video comprising of a montage of my favourite moments of last summer, hanging out with my friends. Knowing that the winters here can be long and harsh, I wanted to have something that I can hold on to to remind myself of nice memories and the friends that I am lucky to have.