Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Peggy's Cove

Five years ago, when the band I used to be in was doing an east coast tour, we stopped in Peggy's Cove. I remember being completely overwhelmed by its beauty. We played on the rocks for hours, mesmerized by the waves.

I don't know why I didn't take any photos back then.

When my family made the trek out east again this summer and stopped in Halifax, the one thing I insisted we see was Peggy's Cove. I knew I had to go back there.  I couldn't even explain why we had to.  The beauty of Peggy's Cove is beyond what I can describe with words, and I am a writer.

Somewhere along the way, a roadside sign read SHOTGUN & DINNER $60.  I was really curious about it but we did not stop.

Near the Welcome sign in the parking lot, a man was selling birds, but not real birds to my slight disappointment, as they were works of art made out of metal and stone.

The beauty of Peggy's Cove is a little surprising, given the rather barren landscape. There are no large trees here due to the lack of topsoil, and rain washing away what topsoil there is.  The salty air blown in from the ocean doesn't help either.  What does grow well here? Carnivorous plants.  This is all on the first sign when you enter the village.

But despite all this, the entire place is breathtaking.

Ice cream in a magical place