Monday, July 28, 2008

concert on the clyde photos!

because i was stupid and forgot my camera, these are my favourite photos from meg's camera.

that's meg in the middle, rudely cutting me out of the frame.

this is me and karen, holding up the sky and saving us all from the rain.

what i love about ottawa is the fact that we have a pretty sweet country roots music scene. young people are genuinely into country and bluegrass, the real stuff, not those silly indie kids that claim they like country because they like Johnny Cash, or claim they can play the banjo and then end up playing the banjo like a guitar because they've never even heard of the term "clawhammer" and couldn't tell you who Charlie Pride is. and the concert on the clyde is a pretty good reflection of the pretty awesome ottawa music scene.

and as is evidenced by the beer that is in my hand as i swim, i had pretty awesome time.